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We export the first $500 million barrier
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In the first November, the total import and export volume of the company exceeded us $550 million, reaching $55852.49 million, with a total of $51,67284 million.
In the first 11 months of this year China's foreign trade import and export total $1 trillion for the first time, when the first to break the $500 billion mark, my company's foreign trade is also good news: according to the latest statistics provided by the customs, 1 to November this year, our company exports reached $501.94 million, $500 million for the first time, up 18.54% from a year earlier.
The figure also exceeds that of $497 million for the whole of 2003 (including Shanghai * * statistics).
If combined with statistical caliber of Shanghai * * company, in November before, all the company's total import and export has topped $550 million, $558.5249 million, including exports of $516.7284 million.